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We are very much looking forward to seeing you.

We have some guidelines we would like you to read and please fill in the Covid 19 health assessment form.


  • All Guests please wait at the front door until your stylist greets you

  • All guests please queue 2 meters apart outside

  • Guests please remove coats & place them in the bag provided to be kept with you.

  • We ask you to keep personal belonging to a minimum.

  • Once entering the salon we ask you to sterilize your hands 

  • Masks and gloves will be provided for free if needed

  • Your stylist will  show you to your chosen station 

  • You will be given a consultation before your treatment will begin

  • Once your service is completed your stylist will then show you to reception 

  • Where you can request any at home Hair & Beauty care

  • Once your bill is completed and your next 2 appointments are booked 

  • We will ask you to pay with card if possible 

  • Please remove your PPE and place it in the bins provided along with your belongings bag

  • No beverages or magazines will be provided, we ask for you to take your own.  

Please check emails for covid-19 forms. 

Thank you 

We are excited to see you

Istana Team

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